Entaire Global Companies

Founded in 2001, Entaire Global Companies (“Entaire”) and its subsidiaries are engaged primarily in the life insurance premium finance industry and are collectively divisions of Synovus Bank

Entaire’s two primary subsidiaries (Global One Financial and Global Financial Distributors)  originate, design, support, fund, and service life insurance premium finance loans. 

Formed as Entaire Global Concepts, L.P. in 1997, Entaire Global Companies' founding mission was to identify and grow opportunities offered by leveraged financial planning strategies in the insurance space. These new strategies were initially branded as the ENSHIELD® and Value Access strategies and subsequently rebranded under the Leveraged Planning® trademark.  Leveraged Planning solutions proved to be more than a boutique strategy, representing instead an enormous business opportunity to positively impact most privately-held corporations. Entaire was acquired by Synovus Bank in October 2016.